Hair Must Haves

I’m very protective over my hair. I’m constantly trying the latest and greatest to get it to look absolutely perfect. I don’t treat it as well as I should. It’s over processed (lots of dying and highlights), it’s over styled (constant flat ironing and curling),  and it’s over brushed and ponytailed. But there are products that I swear by that despite all of those bad habits keep my hair looking shiny, feeling soft, and being fabulous.

Shampoos and Conditioner

TIGI Bedhead Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner – These are my “everyday shampoo and conditioner.” Of course, I only shampoo about 2-3 times a week, but these have been my go to since I’ve dyed my hair blonde. They smell AMAZINGGGG like cookies. Both of these have helped retain my color and kept my hair soft and smooth. They’re also said to strengthen and repair processed blonde locks.  The Colour Combat line is also available for Brunettes and Redheads as well.

LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo – This was recommended to me by a LUSH employee after I told her I was a newly dyed blonde. It’s a purple shampoo which makes your blonde brighter and less brassy. It makes my hair ultra shiny and the smell lingers until your next shampoo. It’s crazy. I use this about once a week instead of my Dumb Blonde Shampoo just to freshen up the color.

Deep and Leave in Conditioners 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – Goooodness this stuff is legendary. It’s like $4 and it’s seriously a miracle, no joke. I do this about every other week instead of my normal conditioner. I coat the bottom of my hair and leave it on for SURPRISE — 3 minutes! I rinse it with cold water and ta da super smooth moisturized hair!

LUSH H’Suan Wen Hua – If you know about my addiction to LUSH, you know about my love of this Hair Moisturizer. This is a monthly treat for my hair. It’s seriously nutritious with vinegar, eggs, bananas, and bay leaves. I lather it all over my dry unwashed hair, wrap my head in saran wrap (no I’m serious), and leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes before shampooing. I try to savor the large pot because it’s pricey, but oh so worth it. It has seriously changed my hair in so many waves including making it really grow by stimulating my scalp. (If you’re on the fence about the price, head to LUSH and ask them for a sample!)

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Tri Wheat Leave in Conditioner – This is my spray for after I get done washing my hair. I spray it in my damp hair to detangle and moisturize before I comb it out and either blow dry or air dry. It’s a great reconstructor and helps soften and manage difficult hair. It’s a must have for all hair types!

An added note about all of these products, they’re all safe to use on color treated hair which is an absolute must! Let me know what your favorite hair products are! I’m still shopping around for an awesome heat protectant, if y’all have one you love.

xx – Dan


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