Weekly Instagram Round Up

Eeeeeps! It’s Monday night! Why didn’t I post this morning? Well that’s easy.

RED came out!! I’m one of those crazy freaks that was at Target before it opened and I have been on the release of Fearless and Speak Now. (The exact same Target, mind you.) I’m so excited and totally loving it. It’s very different than anything else she’s done, but I really really like it. In case you’re wondering 22, Starlight, State of Grace, and Begin Again are my favorites! :) I’ve been seriously losing myself in Red. But don’t let me forget to get to the pictures. (follow me @Daniefaz on instagram)

Schnooks drew me a Honey Badger



Blow up Spider for my desk


Mimi sleeping


My Phone’s frequently called list


Taylor Swift goodies and Lauren Conrad Beauty


Revlon Top Speed in Royal


Giant slice of pizza for lunch!


My new iPad background Hannah made me

xx – Dan


2 thoughts on “Weekly Instagram Round Up

  1. What do you think about LC Beauty? I’ve been thinking about getting it! I’m obsessed w/her so I would probably love it, right?

    • I was on the fence about buying it to be honest, but I’m so glad I did!! I love it. If you’re obsessed with her like I am, you definitely would love it! :) xx

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