Weekly Instagram Round Up

Happy Monday y’all! If you’re reading this, I’m either working up a storm (ish?) or taking lots of pictures of animals at the zoo with my momma and baby brothers. Hopefully the latter to be honest. I’m exhausted and typing this all cozy in my yoga pants watching Revenge on Sunday night. I’m ready for this week though. My daddy and stepmom are coming home from two weeks in Europe and life can return to normal. haha. Well here’s my round up from the last week, by the way if you’re not following me on twitter (@Daniellefaz) or on instagram (@daniefaz), you should. Then you’ll know if I’m at my desk or with the lions! ;)

Gelato with Schnooks

Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink (perfect for Barbie, right?)

Loving my new Shoemint Boots!! 

Dinner Instagrams of Each other

Bible Verse that got me through Hannah’s surgery

I like big bows and I cannot lie.

Rainboots and flower belts

Another Sharpie tattoo :)

Pointy Toed Pink Pumps for Halloween

The family that solitaires together, stays together

If you’re on instagram too, please request to follow me and leave me a comment, so I can follow back. I’m always looking for more lovelies to follow!!

xx – Dan


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