MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipsticks Review

The MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe collection was hyped for months and months, unfortunately it sold out within an hour or so online and just as quickly at counters around the country. Now, prices are sky rocketing for pieces of the collection on Ebay. Thankfully, I was able to snag all of the pieces I had my eye on in various ways. I got one lipstick for Hannah on the MAC website, one on Ebay, and my Twin got me one and a blush (The Perfect Cheek) at the counter on release day.

I’ve had a few requests for a review and swatches of the lipsticks, so I happily obliged. These colors are to die for. They’re so rich and vibrant and they were worth the stress of searching. The packaging is wonderful and so sleek. I love that Marilyn is on the tubes.

(the three lipstick boxes lined up)

Love Goddess – Midtone Pink Red (Satin)

This color is a bold reddish pink that is for Hannah. I won’t be swatching it because I bought it for her, but there’s plenty of swatches online. It’s one of the most unique lipsticks in the collection.

Pure Zen – Frosted Warm Nude (Creamsheen)

This is my Ebay steal. It’s a gorgeous warm pinky nude. It’s similar to MAC Angel and I imagine this could work on a variety of skin tones. It is a great everyday color and I love layering Buxom White Russian gloss on top of this. It’s a Creamsheen, so it’s very creamy and smooth (my favorite MAC lipstick formula). 

Charmed I’m Sure – Dark True Red (Matte)

This was by far the one I wanted the most and for good reason. It’s probably going to become one of my favorite red lipsticks of all time. It’s the perfect shade for me and the matte finish is so smooth and not drying. It is opaque and very fire engine. It’s long lasting even without a lip liner.

Pure Zen on top and Charmed I’m Sure on the bottom 

I was highly impressed by the lipsticks I picked up from this collection. MAC really hit them out of the park and unfortunately they should have created a higher supply to compensate for the demand. If you’re looking for one to pick up on Ebay, I recommend Charmed I’m Sure based on the wear and the color, but Love Goddess because of how bold and unique it is. These colors are all truly Marilyn in their own way. They’re special just like she was.

xx – Dan


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