Things I’m Loving Thursday

Every once and awhile you find those things that you just become obsessed with and you just feel like telling absolutely EVERYONE. That’s why I love having a blog because it feels like you’re telling everyone even if it’s only your 20 something readers! haha. This week has been a tough one to push through. My boss left for Europe last Friday, so this is the first of three weeks without him here to help me with some of the marketing stuff. I’ve been struggling to deal with some rude people and an insane work load because it’s the beginning of the month, but these things I’m loving have definitely helped!

J. Crew Pixie pant  – Okay, so these are LIFE CHANGING. Read that, life changing. I’ve truly avoided purchasing them because the price is so scary for what some call “glorified leggings.” These are way more than that because they’re comfy and versatile like leggings, but they’re more flattering. They’re slimming and can be interpreted as more dressy (wear to work appropriate) because there’s a super cute exposed zipper in the back and a waistband.  They come in black, gray, and navy and I snagged them on a sale.

essie fiji nail polish – love love love love! This nail polish is the perfect creamy baby pink that isn’t sheer! It’s a must have for everyone and I think it might be one of my new year round go to colors.

Bath & Body Works White Barn Nutmeg and Spice Candle – If you know my best friend Hannah, you know her B&BW 3 Wick Candle obsession, she turned me on to this one and it’s amazing. It smells like fall because it’s relaxing with nutmeg and cinnamon and yum! I’ve been burning it on my desk at work and it’s gotten lots of compliments from everyone.

Apple iPod Shuffle – My new workout buddy! If you’ve read my Fitness Essentials post, you know that I was dragging my iPad with me to the gym. I’m not cheating on my iPad because she’s still with me on the bike, but now that’s it’s getting cool and I’m running more the shuffle is perfect. It’s cute, tiny, holds all the songs you need, and it clips to your clothing!! At only $49, I think it’s a runner’s must have.

Revenge – If you like TV, you need to just give the Pilot a watch. I was looking for a new Netflix show and had heard good things. Half way through the Pilot, I was hooked. It’s so intense and I love the characters, plus it’s set in the summer in the Hamptons. Perfect setting for scandals for sure. The first season is on Netflix and the second season just premiered last week and is on Sunday nights on ABC.

What are you guys loving right now? Share your current obsessions in the comments!

xx – Dan


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Thursday

  1. I really need that nail polish. I have a baby pink from Essie, but it’s sheer & I don’t like the way it looks on me. I’ve been burning Yankee Candle’s Happy Thanksgiving which swirls Be Thankful and Pumpkin Spice to make the perfect, warm, fall scent!

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