Weekly Instagram Round Up

Good morning lovelies and happy Monday! I’ve been blogging up a storm this weekend, so look out for some great posts this week. My parents left for Europe on Friday and we had a super relaxing Saturday and Sunday celebrating my brother, Schnookie’s 8th birthday. I also headed back to my high school on Friday for our annual rivalry football game which we won again (17 years never lost and counting)! Thankfully I also didn’t see anyone I graduated with. haha. #antisocial. :) I’m pumped for another great week and it’s finally October!!! Cool weather please come soon!!!!! Check out my instagrams from the past week and don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t! (@daniefaz)

Houndstooth skirt and Tan Blazer

Meetings Galore

Our Projects from Matthew’s birthday party

Fancy Pants and I on the field at the football game

Night Golfing with Glow in the Dark balls

Lunch Date with Twin

Saturday Night Softball

Vanilla Cupcakes in the shape of an 8 for Matthew

xx – Dan


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