Sweating Glitter: Fitness Essentials

Hey everyone! This post has been long overdue. I’ve had a few people ask me about my gym, fitness, wellness esque routine. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a routine per say, but surprisingly I haven’t always been workout obsessed. Quick story: last year while I was still enrolled in culinary school, but not necessarily attending do to anxiety and other stuff, I kept my non attendance hidden from my parents. (Bad idea at the time, but good things came out of it?) My school schedule was Monday through Friday with class starting at 7 am, I couldn’t stay in my house while my mom was still home, so where’d I go? The gym everyday until she left for work. I developed a love for it. I started with running and biking and that’s been my constant ever since. I have a few “essentials” that I love having to work out with or in.

Neon, brights, stand out colors are my gym go tos. For some reason, they’re motivation for me to go to the gym because I look cute while I’m sweating. My favorite tank tops are those from Victoria’s Secret. They’re the Slouchy Racerbacks. They’re great for layering and for wearing with a sports bra because they’re super loose and flowy. Norts are obviously a gym essential, they’re one of my life essentials probably. I live in Nike Shorts. They come in tons of different colors, patterns, even ones for sports teams. The best thing is stocking up when they’re on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Ribbon Elastic Hair Ties are my favorite ponytail holders. They’re cute and pretty on your wrist, that’s the only difference from plain black ones really. haha

I don’t know what I ran in before I owned these. These are the most amazing running and workout sneaks. They’re so light and flexible and comfortable. They have the greatest cushioning inside. These are the Nike Free +3’s in Magenta. They come in tons of different colors and they’re definitely a workout investment, but if you’re serious about it, these might be a great motivator!

Tervis cups are great for the gym because they keep you hydrated, they’re big and you can use a straw with them. I prefer drinking water with a straw at the gym because I’ve had way too many incidents cycling and trying to unscrew a water bottle and having it spill all over me. Embarrassing. Plus, you can show off your team even after a NG (not good) loss the previous Sunday. (Get it together, boys.)

I think it’s essential to have a gym playlist of some sort. As you can see, mine is full of oldies, Glee, and some random other girly music (T.Swift, the Biebz, Spice Girls etc). The key to choosing music for a workout playlist is stuff that will make you work and push harder. I can put on any one of those songs and want to work my ass off for another mile. Seriously, Edge of Glory, is currently my biggest gym jam.

I also swear by having my iPad at the gym for another reason or few reasons. (As seen above.) My brother makes fun of me, but  I take my iPad with me to the gym to read on iBooks, to watch my current obsession TV show on Netflix, or like I said above listen to music. When I’m biking, I think it’s a great distraction to be reading or watching Netflix. It helps me to forget that my legs are hurting after mile 8 or 9. I also tend to time my cardio time by episodes of Grey’s Anatomy currently (usually 1 or 2).

I’m planning another post just on what I do at the gym or at home specifically, but I figured this was a good starting point. I’ll also be sharing my motivation and goals in that post as well. What are your favorite fitness essentials?

xx – Dan


4 thoughts on “Sweating Glitter: Fitness Essentials

  1. I think it’s awesome that you started working out by ditching class haha. But seriously, good for you for finding the motivation and then passion for it! I’m still working on that. Also, what happened to your tumblr?

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