Weekly Instagram Round Up

While I haven’t been on tumblr or my blog much, I’ve been instagramming like a crazy person. :) Follow me: @Daniefaz!!

Supporting Suicide Awareness Week with ToWriteLoveOnHerArms

BOGO butterLONDON polish sale at Ulta!!! Dodgy Barnett, Marrow, British Racing Green, & Branwen’s Feather

Houdini Bracelets on Jewelmint!!!! Obsessed for real.

Trying out all the colors of my new pens

One of my favorite verses of all time.

New desk after I got a raise :)

Throwback Thursday – Best friend and I dressing up as Rachel & Santana from Glee

Freaking gorgeous puffy colorful clouds during the sunset

My Nana and I did not match on purpose, so presh

Enjoying a Peach Bubbly at my Stepmom’s Birthday Dinner

xx – Dan


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