Classic Jewelry Pieces

One of my favorite things to shop for or receive as gifts are jewelry pieces. I’m a girl, is that really a surprise? No. Lately it’s been really on trend to wear more out there statement jewelry items like large bauble type necklaces or crazy colored bracelets to stack. While I love having a pop of something fun to my outfit in the form of a chunky statement necklace or a spikey gold bracelet, I really think that it’s more essential to have classic pieces that do not go out of style. Most of my classic investment pieces are just that — investments. They’re more expensive, they’re high quality, and they will last you forever if properly taken care of. All of the pieces I’m going to show you, I received as gifts for some special occasion like a major birthday or Christmas. I think building a jewelry collection this way over years is a really nice thing because these pieces go with everything or almost everything in your closet and can be dressed up or down. Most of my items are from Tiffany & Co, because quite frankly their jewelry is not overrated in my opinion. It’s amazing quality and wears really well for every occasion or everyday. Most of the time these are the items you’ll see rotating on a daily basis.


(Yes, I have an obsession with bows, sorry I’m not sorry)

1. Tiffany & Co Twist Bow Pendant – $275

2. Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Color by the Yard Necklace in Pink Sapphire – $225

3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Runway Rose Gold Watch – $275

4. Tiffany & Co Twist Bow Ring – $250

5. Tiffany & Co Pearl Earrings  $150

6. Michael Kors Pave Ball Stud Earrings in Silver/Clear Crystal – $75

What are your most worn classic jewelry items in your collection?

xx – Dan



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