Phoenix Art Museum

EEEEPS. I’m so excited to share the pictures from the Phoenix Art Museum this weekend. I took way more than I will post here, but I wanted to show you guys a few of my favorites. I think I had a Blair Waldorf moment this weekend (as shown by the picture above) because I totally wanted to feel like I was in the Louvre gazing at paintings hundreds of years older than I am. Unfortunately I’m not in Paris, just downtown Phoenix, AZ.

The exhibits were really awesome. There were such a cool variety of different art mediums. I saw oil paintings, sculptures, abstract pieces made of all kinds of materials. If you live in Arizona and art interests you in the least bit, I highly suggest visiting the Phoenix Art Museum for the day. You will surely get lost in all of the really cool pieces you’ll see.

I seriously am obsessed with the Gallery feature of WordPress. I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of what you’ll see at the Phoenix Art Museum. I also wanted to share the simple and easy outfit I wore that day. You saw a little bit of it yesterday on my Instagram Round Up.

Dress – Nordstrom, Scarf – American Eagle, Bag – Bakers Shoes, Watch – Michael Kors, Skull Bracelet – Windsor Store, Shoes (Not Pictured) – Steve Madden Nude Flats

xx – Dan


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