Weekly Instagram Round Up

Happy Labor Day y’all. I hope you’re enjoying an easy day off from work, school, life. I’m sad to see summer, white, and August go. But I’m definitely welcoming cooler temperatures and lots of layers. I can’t wait to share my outfit from today! I’m still on the fence about the dress I picked, but I had to get in one last real wear (or first one) in before I’m not technically allowed to wear it anymore. This week is a big mix of pictures from outfits, to adventures, to nails…haha. PS. If you’re not already following me on instagram, you should be!! I love finding new people to follow too. :)

Instagram Username: @Daniefaz

Twisty bun with a big bow

Sharpie Tattoos (Nails – OPI San tan Tonio)

Reading on my lunch break (GREAT BOOK SO FAR!!)

Lunch date with my Schnookie

Bathroom outfit pic

Nails (OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls & OPI Crown Me Already as my accent nail)

1 am runs to In & Out

Picked up “Beneath the Glitter,” a few days before it is officially released

Sundayfunday stripes and leopard outfit

xx – Dan



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