Favorite Office Goodies

I remember sitting at my desk last week and getting really REALLY excited about the things I picked up for my desk at Staples that day.  I also remember thinking to myself that I must really be a grown up now because my daily excitement comes from fresh notebooks and brand new highlighters. The other girls I work with didn’t really understand, but I know there’s lots of y’all out there who get it and really value their office goodies like I do. (Yeah, I’m nerd, so what?)

I touched briefly in my first post on missGLAMdan about my new job title and position. I think it’s helpful to know a little of what my job entails for you to see the purpose of things I love in my office. I’m a Director of Marketing for a large real estate company. I’ve always been interested in marketing and was so blessed to be offered such an amazing full time position at only 21. Most of my time is spent at my desk reporting numbers in spreadsheets, working on Photoshop creating marketing pieces, emailing the agents I oversee, and planning for upcoming meetings. Everything of mine has to colorful, fun looking, and somewhat serve a purpose.

All of these items are great not only for a working girl, but for a college girl too. I’m happy that I still get to feel like I’m school shopping even when I’m working.

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote – a great carry all for my laptop, iPad, planner, and everything else I need to take back and forth from home to work. I swear by all of mine!

Pilot B2P BeGreen Medium Ball Point PensI love how these write! They write so smooth and feel so great in your hand and I’m a stickler for great pens. Plus, these are ecofriendly because they’re made from recycled water bottles! SO COOL. 

Merkury Earbuds Libby Carnaby Multicolored Floral – These are decent, cute, and inexpensive earbuds that I use when I’m zoned out working on spreadsheets or on postcards while listening to Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes.

Sharpie Gel Highlighters – These are life changing you guys. Seriously, you will never use another normal highlighter again. They don’t bleed, smudge, or dry out. It feels like you’re using a crayon, but it’s gel. It’s insane. Everyone fell in love with these in my office after I made them try one.

Vine Initial Tumbler – You can get monogrammed tumblers from everywhere now, but this was my first and I’m still in love. Having a tumbler is perfect for work because it encourages you to drink lots of water and if it’s monogrammed, nobody will try to steal it! ;)

Scotch Shoe Tape Dispenser This isn’t the most practical of all the items on my list, but it’s really the cutest. It really amps up the fab factor of your desk. You’ll be the envy of your female coworkers. 

What are your favorite office goodies? Let me know in the comments!

xx – Dan


3 thoughts on “Favorite Office Goodies

  1. Stop it! I now want to go out and buy all of those awesome office supplies. Except. I’m not in school and won’t have a full-time job until I move to Spain. :( That tape dispenser is so perfect for you!

  2. My boyfriend’s mom is one of the Sales Directors for Office Max & she always stocks me up with new pens & goodies when I visit :) I love new desk/office/school supplies!

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