Weekly Instagram Round Up

This past week was pretty exciting for me because I finally got a brand new PHONE (which you’ll see below)!! I’ve been a loyal Crackberry user since I was a junior in high school and I’ve never been able to get the courage to stray. I knew it was time though after  my internet and service went down for the fourth time in a matter of two hours last week and then my phone just restart itself…My dad and I both upgraded our dilapidated Blackberries to Samsung Galaxy S III’s. Why no iPhone, you ask? Because unfortunately we’re still tied down to T-mobile. Booo, but it’s okay because I’m in love with this phone already and one of those reasons is finally being able to Instagram from ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME. Look forward to fuller Instagram Round Up’s from here on out.

Off subject, but I reached 10 followers through my WordPress sometime this weekend and it was a big, important deal to me. I’m happy to say that I like it here on WordPress and I’m excited that I’ve seen such a positive response to missGLAMdan so far. Each time I get an email about someone liking a post, I get super giddy like someone just gave me a great compliment with one click. So thank you to all of you who have followed already and liked my post. If you do want to follow, but don’t have a WordPress account, follow me on Bloglovin by creating account and clicking that button over there on right side or here. There’s also a way to follow through your Google account if you have Blogger, if you click here, my best friend, Hannah, explains it quite simply. Okay, I’m coming back from that tangent and onto my Instagram pictures now.

Follow me on Instagram (@Daniefaz)

My Dad made this for me because my family calls me the Honey Badger.

Hello new pretty baby! 

Throwback Thursday: me (in the middle on the left) with my five cousins

Breaking out the rain boots because it POURED last week (YAAAAYYY!)

Staples Shopping Spree

Erin Condren life planner is finally in my hands!!!! (Review to come soon)

xx – Dan


One thought on “Weekly Instagram Round Up

  1. thanks for sharing, just added to our ‘Life Planner board of fame’ – check it out! pinterest/erincondren #enjoy!

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