Ole Henriksen Skin Care

Skincare is one of the most important things in my whole beauty regime and it should be in yours too. Makeup is great, but when you’re not happy with your skin, makeup won’t give you that confidence. I’ve struggled for years with moderate acne. I’ve found temporary fixes, but my skin gets to used to them and starts breaking out again. But I’m pleased to share my skin care routine that has seriously been a skin saver. I know it’s easy to just run to Target or Walgreens and pick up any cleanser or moisturizer, but I decided that it wasn’t right for me anymore. If I could spend $40 on foundation, I could try a kit for $55 that had really amazing reviews. This kit was from the high end line called Ole Henriksen that seriously targets every type of skin without parabens and sulfates and they’re OIL FREE!!


If you remember, I picked this up before my cruise to Alaska. The Seven Skincare Sensations is a selection of 7 travel sized products to target a variety of skin issues from breakouts, anti aging, hyperpigmentation, to dry and dull skin with a full routine. First of all, this set is an incredible value at only $55, it’s worth almost $120. It lasted me over TWO MONTHS, literally that’s when the first product ran out. That’s cray in my opinion. Overall, the products were not only worth the money, but I would have paid more for the amazing results I had. Ole Henriksen knows his skincare. The steps work seamlessly together and the products are just as good stand alone. I’m going to break down each step.

African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser–  Great gentle cleanser that can remove makeup and foams up to clean deep into skin. I love the way it smells. (Between you and me, it smells like a Mai Tai and I love my Mai Tai’s.) It’s also great for all skin types! I use this morning and night before my other steps.

Morning Products

Truth Serum Collagen Booster– This is one of the miracle products of the kit for sure. It’s a great Vitamin C serum to improve brightness. It hydrates and smoothes the surface of my skin. If I don’t use it for one day, I definitely see a difference in how glowing my skin is. This is also the first product that I ran out of because I did try to use a little bit every morning after cleansing and before my Truth Revealed Super Creme.

Truth Revealed Super Creme SPF 15– I loooove this moisturizer. It hydrates and sinks into the skin quickly. It contributes to that glow I talked about and prepares my skin for makeup and has SPF! I’m very picky about my daytime moisturizers because I don’t like anything that is too greasy and this definitely isn’t.

Night Products

Invigorating Night Gel– Another miracle treatment especially for acne! It stimulates cell turnover, so it almost acts as a chemical exfoliant which is great to regenerate skin. It tightens and tingles without completely drying out my skin. I attribute a lot of my skin clearing to this product for sure.  I was skeptical about slathering my face with a gel prior to using another moisturizer, but it’s amazing.

Sheer Transformation– This product heavily targets discoloration and hyperpigmentation because it retexturizes my skin while I sleep. It works really well in conjunction with the Invigorating Night Gel because it’s a heavier moisturizer that really feels silky on my skin.

Ultimate Lift Eye Gel– I never really believed in eye creams before this product. I apply it at night and it tingles, so you can really feel like it’s working. It’s hydrating and plumping which reduces puffiness and smoothes the eye area. This is one of the most widely used eye products in the world because it works. You can see a difference. It’s great for younger eyes for prevention of wrinkles and also for older skin for reducing wrinkles. My mom uses it too and LOVES it.  (My mom isn’t THAT old haha)

Walnut Complexion Scrub– This is a really cool face scrub because it feels like it would be harsh, but it isn’t. It has a really grainy texture, but it foams up to really exfoliate and soften skin. I use this about twice a week when I want a deeper clean.

I’m really happy that I went out on a whim and tried this kit because I was finally able to COMMIT to a non travel sized skin care line. Today, I actually purchased the full sizes of three of the products I was running low/completely out of: Truth Serum, Sheer Transformation, and the Invigorating Night Gel. Thankfully Ole Henriksen has these amazing sets with FULL SIZE PRODUCTS, so I actually saved about $30 on buying the Three Little Wonders set. I highly recommend trying Ole Henriksen especially if you’re really sick of trying tons of drugstore products that aren’t doing the job and you’re ready to get serious about skin care. The sets he has created are perfect for all skin types and they’re an amazing value if you’re on fence about spending the money.

I hope you enjoyed this in depth review of my favorite skin care line!

xx – Dan



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