Black & Gold GLAM Glitter Nails

(pictures via Pinterest)

It’s no secret that I love pinning like a monster all day long if I could. I constantly see adorable glitter nails on my dashboard and trust me I’ve done it all. I’ve done full on glitter nails, I’ve had glitter tips, I’ve done the disco accent nail, but never glitter at my cuticle. I grabbed a few things and went to town on my lonely Friday night watching the Hills on Netflix.

I wanted to do two contrasting colors, so I decided on black nail polish with gold glitter.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out

– Glitter: NYX Glitter on the Go in GLAM GOLD (ironic, no?)

– Flat eyeshadow brush: E.L.F. Essential Eyeshadow Brush

1. Carefully paint two coats of your nail polish on your nails.

2. Dip your eyeshadow brush into the glitter and tap off some of the excess.

3. Angle your brush downwards and gently press the glitter into the bottom of your nail bed near your cuticle. It doesn’t need to be perfect because the effect of some glitter elsewhere on your nail makes it look more fun in my opinion.

4. Allow your nails to dry completely and then apply a top coat.

I absolutely love the way it turned out. I think that the gold glitter contrasts the black perfectly and I can’t wait to try it with different color combinations! It’s super easy  to do and really glams up your nails inexpensively.

xx – Dan


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