Welcome to my GLAM life!

If you’ve followed my life long enough, you know I’ve transitioned a lot from blog to blog trying to find my home. I’ve been unhappy with Blogger for a few reasons, so I was ready to make the full switch to WordPress and so far I’m in love. I guess it’s time for a life update then!

I have officially entered the big kid world of a full time job as a Director of Marketing which is probably one of the most exciting things that’s happened to me in 2012! I’m very blessed to say that at 21, I have a stable full time position doing something I love. This is even more exciting for this blog because I’ll be documenting my outfits in a workplace where most of the people I work with wear black and flats and I’m the crazy girl in purple pumps and bows in my hair. I’m loving having the freedom to finally dress up like a really grown up everyday. As most of you know, I worked as a hostess in a restaurant and I could only wear black dresses, black flats, and a black blazer. I’m excited to break out of that. I was sad to leave most of the people at the restaurant, but everything happens for a reason and it put me in a better place than I could have imagined. Here are some of recently instagrammed work outfits until I start my full outfit of the day posts:

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On a less serious life note, I’m in the process of making a huge hair change from my natural-esque dark brown to blonde. Yes, real deal blonde. I went to a stylist a few weeks ago and ended up with caramel highlights instead of a full blonde head, so the transition is a slow and frustrating one. Overall, I’m happy to report that life is good.

xx- Dan


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